This project developed sustainable, “empathetic PR songs” that local community members are free to use.
Local high schoolers and an artist from the area composed the music together to get the young people’s message out more effectively and generate newsworthiness.
Together with locally raised artist NOBU (Universal Music), 24 third-year students studying commerce and business information at Kobayashishuho High School spent five months in a songwriting workshop. 
They split into six teams to create theme songs for the city of Kobayashi.
At the live Koba Uta Battle during the school festival, they performed the six demo songs in front of the entire student body.
 After a public vote, the winning song, “Inaka Joshi Kosei” (meaning “Countryside High School Girl”), had a music video produced and released. The song was also recorded for release on NOBU’s new album, which went on sale on April 18, 2018.
Creative Director:越智 一仁(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Copy Writer:渡邊 千佳(電通)
Art Director / Illustrator:柴谷 麻以(電通)
Director / Designer:曽根 良介(Dentsu Lab Tokyo
Creative Producer / Acount Exective:吉武 優(電通)
Lyrics Writer:小林秀峰高校 商業科・経営情報(宮崎県立小林秀峰高校)
Supervisor:黒木 庄吾, 松澤 総子, 瀧口 尚志, 別府 妙香(宮崎県立小林秀峰高校)
Artist / Workshop Instructor:NOBU(エー・プラス)
Artist Manager:長嶺 悟(エー・プラス)
Artist Producer:細山 由紀子, 峯岸 耕平(ユニバーサル ミュージック)
Film Producer:川崎 泰広(ロボット)
Production Manager:笹谷 貴久(ノットドット)
TV Director:阿部 祐也(テレビ宮崎)
Cinematographer:廣島 賢一(テレビ宮崎)
Cinematographer Assistant:西 慶輔(テレビ宮崎)
TV Reporter:武田 華奈(テレビ宮崎)
Music Producer / Arranger:樋口 太陽(オフィス樋口)
Music Manager:小寺 恩(オフィス樋口)
Arranger:山本 "ぶち” 真勇, 新井 瑞季(オフィス樋口)
Motion Designer:石志 哲郎, 横山 諒, 岡 大夢(Hiromu Oka)(LIKI inc.)
Web Designer:平元 義夫(EMBAN)
Web Programmer:佐々木 学(Brandons)
Photograper:山崎 泰治(フリー)
Photo Retoucher:首藤 智恵, 錦木 稔(アマナデジタルイメージン)
Text Illustrator:佐久間 要(フリー)
PR Planner:高橋 洋平,稲葉 健斗(電通パブリックリレーション)

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